Boomtown Fair 19: MISSION GREEN & The Zero Waste Goal


Mission Green: Boomtown 2019 will be more ecologically aware than ever.

Did you know Boomtown is one of the only UK festivals to be held in a national park? This year the No.1 focus is to minimise its carbon footprint. Ways to achieve this will include:

The Drastic on Plastic Pledge to which will eliminate single use plastic by 2021 removal of plastic water bottles and all single use plastics.

  • Banning the use of plastic straws on-site (since 2018)
  • Using compost toilets across the site
  • Traders will only use recyclable food serving cartons. They are also required to sell fair trade tea and coffee, also meat and dairy must be British and from a free range source.

Promoting coach travel from across the country to reduce carbon emissions from transport (did you know 80% of carbon emissions generated by festivals come from travel?). For every car park pass sold, £1 is donated to Energy Revolution, who invest in sustainable energy products and turn your travel miles into clean energy.

Powering the city more efficiently. It takes a whole lot of power to keep the stalls, stages, lighting, venues and offices booted up for the duration of the festival. So to minimise fossil fuel usage the aim is to decrease the CO2 output by doing the following:

  • Replacing high carbon energy with low or zero carbon energy sources
  • Supporting technologies that promote clean energy
  • Only using LED lighting

Ways you can help

DON’T LEAVE YOUR TENT! A huge chunk of festival goers leave their tent every year. A survey from last year revealed that 12% of people did this because they believed it would go to charity. This is a myth. They can’t be recycled, either, because of the mix of materials they’re made from (they can actually break recycling machines). Invest in a decent tent that you can pack up and re use, or borrow one for the weekend. Tents are not a single use purchase and the biggest waste product at festivals.

Only bring what you need. This means less stuff left behind. Check out the Boomtown packing list for a guide of what to bring if you’re not sure:

Choose the Eco Campsite. This is located in the Downtown Bowl (previously DSTRKT 5 camping) as this was identified as the area with the most tents and campsite waste left behind in 2018. It’s free to camp at. All you have to do is turn up and verbally agree to the campsite ethos. Facilities include a NiftyBin where you can sort and recycle rubbish at its source. There’s also free workshops to inspire a zero-waste lifestyle after the festival and a beautifully clean space to call home for 5 days.

Bring a reusable water bottle. From this year onwards Boomtown will no longer be selling plastic water bottles . There are loads of WaterAid refill stations around the site so you’ll never go thirsty. You can get your own Boomtown souvenir stainless steel water bottle in the festival shop.

Bring on Boomtown 2019! Come explore the city of music, community, escapism, theatre and creativity. Venture into the pop up immersive theatre venues, meet the improvising actors who roam the streets, the mind blowing stages and the hidden areas whilst the story-line unfolds before you.

7 – 11 August. Tickets here.

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