8 Things You Can’t Do Without At A Festival

We live for festival season. Think incredible music variety, braver-than-usual fashion choices and days upon days of escapism with your friends

Gone are the days where denim hot pants are practically a military uniform with very little room for improvisation (aside from an oversized Indian head dress).

As festival addicts, we’re keen to share with you our corner of knowledge on what you need to pack and the most important factors to considering when crafting your festival wardrobe.

For When You Feel Brave

First off, we recommend having a good variety of festival outfits. We like to keep onside something super sequinned/glittery/patterned for that day you wake up and think “TODAY IS THE DAY”. Then a really comfortable outfit that you can chuck on when you might be a bit groggy one morning. It’s also the perfect excuse to head to a vintage shop and pick out that crazy, ridiculous item, the kind of item that is the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen but you can’t help but question: “When would I actually wear it?”. Well now is the time.

For All That Walking

Remember to take some shoes that can hack the mud and rain. These can be wellies, or our personal favourite, Doc Martens. They have the same resilience power, ankle high or calf high do the same trick, but let you have that bit more choice & individuality in terms of style. They’re also a lot comfier than wellies once you’ve worn them in.

For When It Get Colds

Although it’s the middle of summer there’s a harsh reality to consider. It still gets cold at night. Like, really, really cold. Enter the massive, oversized, ridiculously warm (faux) fur coat. This is our absolute favourite night time item. Festivals are generally outdoor events, where there is a lot of walking in between venues and sitting around outside. You’ve got to be prepared.

For the ladies – you might have your legs out in the day, bronzing away without a care in the world, but as the sun sets make sure you have one (or two) pairs of tights in your bag ready to whip on. These are really lightweight so there’s no excuse not to bring them. The same goes for a woolly hat. You think you’re not gonna need it, but trust us, you’ll be grateful when you do.

Skinny jeans, and jeans in general, are a no go in our book. If they get wet then they will not dry for days. And they will begin to stink out your tent with a strong smell of damp. Not ideal.

For Storing Your Belongings

Bumbags & leather pouches are the best choice here. A chunky one that fits all your essentials or a backpack. It’s all about having the hands free for dancing about, holding your beer, you get the jist…

This might seem an obvious one, but take a rucksack… not a wheely suitcase! This doesn’t happen often..but when it does, it’s not good. Not good at all. Also, if you can try and save a bit of rucksack space for supplies, whether it be alcohol or food, that will help you out a lot when everyone else around you is cutting off the circulation in their finger tips by attempting to carry crates of beer in plastic Tesco carrier bags.

For Layering, Layering, Layering

We like sports sweaters for layering. Think American college slogans and brands. Their fleecey inner lining notches up the comfort factor and keeps you snug when you really need it. Whether that be when you’re out and about or curled up in your sleeping bag.

Camo print has always, and will forever be, a staple festival choice. We love buttoned jacket styles with utility pockets. Alternatively, you can go for a navy worker jacket if green isn’t you colour. Both styles are unisex so match up with a pal or borrow theirs when they’re not wearing it. Combine yours with a mini dress or for those who like to think a little outside the box, choose No Doubt inspired low slung camo pants.

For That Safe Option

And there’s no forgetting the oversized Levi’s jacket that somehow magically goes with every single outfit you own. Make sure you bring that along with you, we guarantee you will gravitate towards it when your tent is a mess and it’s just about the only familiar thing you can recognise in the chaos.