Thinking About Investing In A Trench Coat? Well You Should. Here’s Why.

Spring is just round the corner so we’re (perhaps slightly prematurely) putting winter behind us and making plans for the next season.

And what better way to welcome in Spring than with the timeless trench coat?

It’s got to be the most neutral item every invented, right? The light nude tan tone makes it virtually impossible to mismatch in an outfit. But just because its neutral in colour doesn’t mean you’re necessarily brimming with inspiration on how to style it…

That’s where we step in!

We’ve put together the perfect transitional spring outfit for you.

But first, it’s always good to have to background knowledge about these things so take a scroll and fill yourself in on some trench coat trivia.

Trench coats by competing brands Burberry and Aquascutum

Did you know?…

It was originally created for high ranked soldiers in the 1st world war, perfectly designed by Burberry to be lightweight, waterproof and the perfect camouflage colour.

When the soldiers returned home everybody wanted a piece of the action and the trench coat soon became a symbol of national pride and a must-have item for any self-respecting, fashion conscious citizen.

Soon enough it became a unisex item of clothing.

Burberry and Aquascutum debate to have invented the trench coat. Burberry’s first trench debuted in 1901 whereas Aquascutum’s design dates back to 1850s…we’ll let you decide who was first.

It’s been a timeless choice for celebrities through the ages; Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie and Bridgitte Bardot all kept the trench coat relevant and appealing to each generation. And there’s no forgetting it’s the stand alone outfit choice for the original Pink Panther detective, Peter Sellers.

David Bowie

Brigitte Bardot

And if you’re still not fully persuaded? Well we we suggest you take a scroll down for some true trench coat styling inspiration…