How To Wear Leopard Print Without Looking Tacky

You might have noticed animal prints are popular at the moment (that, and velvet). Fashion has come a long way from using real animal skins and now this print can be found on all types of fabric – not just fur- and has become a really accessible look that everyone can embrace.

One of the main hold backs with animal print is that it can definitely look tacky. There’s no denying it. But as with any fashion statement, this is often the case. We always tend to find that the wilder and more risky the look (and the more potential for it to go wrong) the better the outfit is when it comes together and looks right.

The more daring you are, the greater the rewards 🙂

Here’s two of our favourite outfits that incooporate animal prints in a way that’s wearable without being tacky. They make great alternative going out outfits if mini skirts, crop tops and heels aren’t your thing.

Print on Print

double leopard print outfit

double leopard print outfit Coordinating prints actually work really well together as long as you match them properly. Here, the prints on the fur coat and leopard print body are roughly the same size and the colours coordinate well; both have similar warm tones. The patterned body would also look great switched for either a candyfloss pink, burgundy or emerald green velvet body/top.


We know it’s a cliché but your accessories can really go a long way towards bringing an outit together and steering it away from looking tacky. Chokers are everywhere at the moment and really easy to get hold of. You can pick one up on the high street and we also sell them in store at Brag Sheffield. The black choker picks out the dark contrast coming though the leopard print and helps to frame the outfit and the little pom pom rimmed hat has the same effect.

Wear tights

If you’re wearing hotpants in winter you’ve got to keep your legs (at least a little bit) warm. Thick chunky black tights are cosy but can take the glamorous edge off an outfit. We like a grunge inspired low dernier black tight which gives your legs a brown/black tinge without forcing a block colour effect.

Keeping it simple

leopard print - green dress & suede jacket

leopard print - green dress & suede jacket

leopard print - green dress & suede jacket

This stunning zebra print number speaks for itself so we’ve kept the other pieces more low key. This suede fringe jacket adds just the right amount of detail without competing for attention with the loud print of the dress. A wide brimmed hat is definitely one of our go to items to add a bit of sophisticated drama to a look without being too garish.

This outfit works as daywear and evening wear. It’s perfect for heading out in the afternoon when you know there won’t be time to head home and get changed before the sun goes down.