4 Ways To Wear Dungarees

One of the ultimate go-to vintage looks, dungarees have been around for a while (since the 17th century as it goes) and although attractive as a boysterious, casual look, they still remain a challenging piece of clothing to many of us.

Why? Let’s face it, dungarees are not considered the number one flattering look for the female physique. More reminiscent of Super Mario than Marilyn Monroe they may not be your go-to glamourous outfit but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected altogether.

Pick the right ones, style them right and you can take pride in mastering one of the harder classic vintage looks.

Pick Your Style

There are various styles you can go for. From a dungaree pinafore dresses (all over the high street at the moment), short dungarees, rolled dungarees or a full length pair.

We’ve picked out our favourite ways to wear them whilst including the latest seasonal items you might have sitting in your wardrobe at the moment.

Because dungarees are often unstructured by their nature, it’s important that the other parts of your outfit are well chosen in order to make sure the overall outfit is a flattering one that you can wear again and again.

The Dungaree Pinafore Dress


This little denim pinafore has an elasticated waist with detachable and adjustable shoulder straps.

We’ve paired it with a checkerboard bodysuit which has the same effect as a fitted crop top but doesn’t rise up halfway through the day.

This outfit has a doll-like vibe, it’s dainty and therefore works well with an oversized contrasting hat.

Pair with fine fishnet tights and a long black blazer coat for a dramatic Autumnal look.

The Full Lengthers


This next look works by layering a printed 70s shirt under a pair of slim fit full length dungarees. By rolling up hems you can accentuate the narrowing of your ankles and help keep the look feminine.

Incorporating a collared shirt smartens the outfit by adding tailoring to the equation, either button yours right up to the top to accentuate the structured angles of the dungaree straps or leave it loose for a more casual 70s feel.

The blues in the shirt pattern perfectly match the mid blue denim on the dungarees which keeps the outfits looking well put together. Brown leather on blue denim is one of our favourite combinations so we’ve accessorised with various warm hues of brown to avoid the accessories looking over coordinated.

Add a secret long sleeved layer under your shirt to keep the winter cold out, and pop on a brown fedora or neutral coloured woolly hat if you’re still chilly.

The Slouchy Layered Look


This look coordinates a slouchy french college sweater with hi top trainers and a cashmere checkered scarf.

We love incorporating turquoise into an outfit at the best of times but it’s particularly refreshing in the autumn/winter season because it matches the cooler winter colour scheme without being monochrome.

A coordinating scarf picks out the outfit colour palette and adds a touch of green to compliment the turquoise.

Unfasten your dungarees on one side to loosen the look.

The Ultimate 90s Combo


We had to work this in somewhere, so here it is! What would a pair of dungarees be without it’s ultimate partner in crime? The 90s turtle neck. A turtle neck clings to your neck, drawing attention to it and making it appear narrower (the same effect as a choker necklace).

Here we’ve layered a chunky knit on top where the V neck shape of the jumper contrasts with the high neckline underneath.

You can choose to wear your dungarees either over your jumper (providing the layering isn’t too chunky) or underneath the outfit. Roll the hems up if you’re wearing the jumper on top to make the fit more tailored around the leg. This allows the bottom half of the outfit to draw in with a slimmer fit in contrast to the looser top.

You can either roll up your dungaree cut offs or leave them with a raw hem. With anything raw hemmed you’ll find that if you wash it the material will fray to give that great deconstructed grunge seam that we all love. The same goes for Levi’s 501 cut offs.

A low heeled boot keeps the dungarees looking feminine. Keep the shoe style casual to match the rest of the outfit; three inch heels will look out of place with the informal vibe.