8 Ways You Can Pull Off Double Denim

We love a denim jacket as much as the next person but you know what we love more than a denim jacket? DOUBLE DENIM. And before you say anything, yes you can do it wrong. But you can also do it right if you just pay attention to these simple rules.

No one wants want any Britney/Justin moments accidentally rearing their head. So lets make rule No.1 “Do not coordinate double denim with your partner”. No one needs quadruple denim. Ok, let’s start.

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2. If you plan to wear a denim two piece, either match your denim blues perfectly or make sure they are two significantly different shades. You have light blue, mid blue and dark blue to play with. Pick two of them- one up, one down. If you stray from this rule your denim outfit may end up looking accidental and clumsy rather than intentional.

Photo by Lisa Depra

Photo by Lisa Dupra

3. Obvious one really, but make sure the fit is right. Make sure your denim comes in at the waist/ hips or you are wearing slim fitting trousers/tights otherwise you will look like walking sack of denim. You can go baggy on top but make sure you’re bottoms are slim fitting or vice versa.

4. Use a belt. Blue denim looks phenomenal with a brown belt. It’s a classic western look and complements the blue colour perfectly.


5. You can wear jet black jeans with any colour denim. For girls, the jeans end up having a legging-like effect and just tie in with whatever denim shirt/jacket you choose to toss on top. The same goes for guys.


6. If choosing to wear a denim shirt with denim skirt, get your legs out. Wearing black tights tends to break up the neutral relaxed vibe. Plus blue complements the orange tones in your skin so the denim will make your legs appear slightly more bronzed than they actually are! Win.

SavePOPSUGAR Fashion286Ellena SattlerS K I R T S7. Break up your denim with a white tee. This look is spot on for both men and women. If you are only just losing your double denim virginity then you might wish to play it safe with a white t shirt under your denim jacket/shirt. This is a really fresh, timeless look. You achieve that Rachel-from-Friends, effortlessly clean cut vibe which can never be a bad thing, right?

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8. If you DO decide to go for quadruple denim à la Britney and Justin, make sure you each insert some colour into your ensemble to break things up and soften the look, ensuring to avoid that infamous faux pas of the 90s.

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Written by Becca Linnard